How to decorate a Christmas tree?

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How to decorate a Christmas tree?

Christmas is an annual festival observed around the world by billions of people as a religious and cultural celebration. Some of the popular customs of modern world include gift giving, Christmas music, carolling, church services and special meals and displaying various decorations of Christmas including Christmas trees, Christmas lights etc. So, how to decorate Christmas tree and what to use to decorate Christmas tree?

Choose a best Christmas tree:

Firstly choose a tree. The tree is like a canvas due to which it’s important to select a good and a gorgeous one. Some prefer a real pine or fir tree due to the way it looks or it smells while people who are not so sceptical about the look and smell prefer the reliability of a fake one.

Choice of tree can also be affected by your housing rules like if you have fire safety regulations. But despite being at different places, while choosing a Christmas tree the below points need to kept in mind.

The tree should be well shaped:

That is if you prefer a real tree, then see it out of its netting and look for evenly spaced and full branches with a symmetric shape look tapering towards the top. If setting up a tree which is fake and you are shaping the branches. Then bend the branches so that the inches of space between the layers of branches should not be seen.

If a real tree is what you have chosen then a tree stand is required and a tree skirt is required around the floor for catching the falling needles. This makes the clean up easier later.

If decided on an artificial tree, then it’s better to choose one which has the tiny Christmas lights built in to the branches already. People prefer to skip the step of putting the lights on the Christmas tree due to it being the most cumbersome process and the same time can be devoted to decorating the tree.