LED Retrofit Kit For Your Home

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LED Retrofit Kit For Your Home

You will find led retrofit kit similar to a replacement for general lighting applications. The product can be used for damp locations. It consumes only 80% of the energy as compared to the similar halogen product in the line. It comes in the ranges of three different sizes such as 4″, 5″ & 6″. The product is for indoor use having high-output bright led. You can use led retrofit for both distance & close ranges application. They are safe to be used for artwork as they do not contain mercury or ultraviolet.

The best Features of the products:

  • You will get a wide selection of sizes
  • It can be dimmable
  • The led retrofit is Mercury Free
  • The light works instantly through a switch.
  • The product is RoHS Compliant
  • The led product has no UV emissions or no infrared
  • You will experience immediate full brightness

Applicability of led retrofit:

The product has a high applicability. You can also use it for Street Lighting, Parking lots, Shoebox Fixtures, Canopy Fixtures, High Bay Fixtures, Wall Pack Fixtures among other outdoor applications.

You will find an excellent usage of the product in the field of installing in a street pole. You can also use it for a parking lot. Unlike the traditional fixtures, it does not need very high wattage or constant maintenance. Shoebox fixtures, high-pressure sodium HPS and Metal Halide HID are the name of a few LED retrofit older technologies. Among them you will find cobra heads, pole light LED retrofit, and shoebox fixtures can run with very less energy usage. It can save up to 45% of the energy. The product has an excellent durability with clean and bright light output.

Thus, the new lighting solution has the impressive qualities of wattage savings, life rating, CRI, payback along with the ability to compete with other similar types of LED product. Heat and current are the two things that cause the light to degrade soon. So a proper and constant voltage flow is quite needed to run the LEDs smoothly.