Mercedes-Benz fashion week in ny

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 Mercedes-Benz fashion week in ny

Mercedes Fashion Week designers are obsessed with fashion. They have the passion for red-carpet specials. They have a keen desire of dreaming of a career designing clothes. They are not the designers having knowledge about fashion designing. However they are masters in creative and artistic skills, computer know-how and communications. Mercedes-Benz fashion week in ny is a great platform for designers to demonstrate show off their creations and talent.

An event in fashion always tends to celebrate fashion by showcasing trends and the best work of designers. It is a huge platform for designers to show off their creations in front of the world. It is an international event generally attended by celebrities and actors alike.

It has over time established itself as a key industry event. What this means is that an event of this magnitude has global reach among the public and the press to the extent that the event tends to influence trends in the fashion industry. Moreover, all forms of the press like print, broadcast, internet etc. cover the event extensively.

Previously the Mercedes Fashion Week have had several successful events in Australia, Berlin, Istanbul, Miami, Russia, Mexico, New York etc. Let us look at some of these in detail:

Berlin Fashion Week:

It is held twice a year in January and July in Berlin. New designers are given opportunities to present their creations and are judged. Trade fairs and music mark the event.

Australian Fashion Week:

It is an annual fashion event held in April in Sydney that showcases spring/summer collections. A lot of Australian designers have the opportunity of showcasing their creations at this event.

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami:

This is an annual event held in Miami at the Raleigh Hotel in the summer.

The New York Fashion Week:

This event is one of the four largest fashion events in the world. It is held twice a year in February and September. It is a consolidation of a lot of branded events that take place at the time and has significantly large economic impact to the tune of 800 million USD.

The Mercedes Fashion Week is no different. It is a prestigious event that has been sponsored by Mercedes Benz which is associated with high-end, glamorous cars. The event is produced by IMG which is a renowned global leader in management and production of fashion weeks and other glamorous fashion events endorsed by numerous big brands.