What to Decorate on a Christmas Tree?

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What to Decorate on a Christmas Tree?

Christmas trees are decorated with the Christmas ornaments made out of wood, glass, metal or ceramics.

Add Ornaments:

Ornaments are available in different form from a simple round ball to designs highly artistic in nature. Though glass and ceramics ornaments are fragile but wooden Christmas ornaments are more durable like metal ones and hence more popular. The wooden ornaments which are made by hand are also available and people purchase wooden ornaments as the wooden ornaments can be kept and reused year after year instead of purchasing and the storage of year after year doesn’t damage the wooden ornaments.

Add Topper:

Topper can be added based on the look of the tree and based on the theme used. Some of the popular options of topper are.

  • A large snowflake
  • An angel
  • A Christian cross
  • A pretty bow
  • A star


  • Add ornaments last – The ornaments are the most delicate among the decorations and the most movable ones, so the same can be added after the tree is settled. The additions has to be done from top to bottom with distribution of the ornaments being done evenly and some of the ornaments even placed few inches back in to the branches for adding a little depth to the decoration.
  • While using bulb and specialty ornaments, the bulbs should be added first. Following that it can be chosen whether to have a distribution of standout ornaments for the ornaments to be seen easily integrated with the rest of the tree.
  • Anything too precious should be considered before putting at the base or near to the base of the tree, if there are pets and small children. These areas can be filled with extra lights and garlands.
  • Placing the tree near to window will help add Christmas cheer to the outside of the house.
  • For the ornaments which are very special, they can be put in small boxes, so that they won’t break while storing them away for the year after.
  • Sometime less of decorations do look good. So not necessary to use every decoration available.
  • Ornaments which are easily breakable should not be hanged on weak branches or branches low to ground.
  • Christmas trees catch fire. So massive amount of lights should not be used and in dry areas real tree should not be used.