Night-time Secret Security Camera System

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Night-time Secret Security Camera System

There are a lot of things to be considered when selecting the correct Security CCTV Camera System for your application needed. But when you are faced with the problem of a low light application there is an aspect that you need to pay very close concentration to the same.

Camera Lux rating:

This is otherwise called as Minimum illumination rating or the camera Lux rating. Based on this you can be able to make a choice whether a camera can operate well in low light application or can not. Lux can be defined as the lumen, one candela per radian of a solid angle for one square meter. The less will be the Lux rating the better the camera will operate in a low light on complete darkness application. For example night vision security cameras, the application where the camera can see in low light especially at night, which are aided by infrared beams that are not visible to the general human eye, having a Lux illumination rating of 0 which means the Security CCTV Camera System can able see in no light or in complete darkness. Most monochrome otherwise known as black and white security cameras have a lower Lux rating than color security cameras which results in performing in a better quality in low light situation.

Low light application:

However according to the current months advancements in color camera technology have improved it a lot. Now low light application came for the color camera performances which are known as day night cameras. It should be kept in that these Security CCTV Camera System will automatically switch to a black and white picture at night for optimum performance in a low light situation and switch back to color when found the light level is adequate.

Hidden cameras otherwise known as a spy or Covert camera have become more and more popular in recent years among the public.