The Difference Between Wanting, Needing and Loving

by Steve 0

The Difference Between Wanting, Needing and Loving

Yes, there is a vast difference between wanting, needing and loving somebody. Sometime we get confused with the terms like, want, need and love and got stuck in life. We are unable to make a decision right there. But, dear friends, my suggestion is to go with the flow of life. Do not think much about ethics and moral.  Love is not logical. Do not try to make out the reasons.  It’s a feeling which can change from want to need and from the need to love.

Sometimes it happens that you are in a relationship for a pretty good time and suddenly you realise that you are not happy with the person once after meeting someone else, to whom you really love. Your old relationship was not love at all. It has been just a familiarity with the person. You do not want him/her as your life partner anymore.

Yes, there’s a difference between wanting something and needing someone.

Clear picture of need and want:

A need may become a want and a want may become a need at any time. Need is something like oxygen, which is necessary for life like anything. But you won’t really desire for it. Nevertheless, you have to have it. That is what called need for something. There are even circumstances where you need becomes you want. Like while you are drowning, your ultimate need for oxygen will change to your want.

What love really is:

Love should be the magical feelings of happiness and bliss for everyone. It should not come to a deal.  If you are considering your love due to any other reason, then it will be called as a compromise rather than love. It is better to come out of a relationship if you do not have insatiable want for him/her. Sometimes we continue with a relationship even we won’t really happy with it. It’s just because we are accustomed to it. Rather, it can be called as just a lazy dependency.

It is truly said that, some things are, better late than never. So do not afraid to leave your comfort zone in search of the person you really want and deserve. Find your person, the sense of familiarity, the assurance level and the safe feeling, that comes only and only with him/her.