Responding to a Compliment Can be Tricky

by Steve 0

Responding to a Compliment Can be Tricky

There are circumstances where people give you complements and you need to act accordingly. When someone see you and praise your outfit, then how would you answer…

Ususal answer:

You can start your answer as:

“Oh really… Is it… I’m glad/ pleased that you like it. But make sure it’s me or the dog that you are taking photos.”

If you don’t want to seem too proud, with the compliment, simply just add “thank you”

Answer with a bit attitude:

Sometimes it is okay to show that you are proud of something if you are careful or boastful and you can tell:

“Thanks – I’m really quite pleased with it. Actually, I made this.

But really, I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

It’s not bad exactly, is it?”

Answer in a creative way:

You can also add something more that the Jumpsuit that means about the jacket and accessories and eyepiece.

“Though exactly the yellow jumpsuit gives me a stylist casual look of all LFW, Brewer Street but it’s not all the cool yellow Jumpsuit credit. An outfit always looks complete with a well selected range of accessories. It’s very important to make a right selection of the entire accessories collection starting right from the bracelet and neck piece to the shoes I wear and the mobile I hold. You can say it as a perfect blend of all the things. Yes yellow is my favourite colour and it gives me a cool, casual look with the multi coloured trendy fashionable jacket.

As it’s a sunny morning I prefer to go for a walk with my darling dog. I like a pony style for my hair, which will not disturb me time and again and at the same time both of us can enjoy the sun bath, with our morning walk.

The yellow Jumpsuit is a cool creation of my own tailored design. The jacket enhances the casual look of the outfit. The outfit is best for cool summer collection, going well with my causal look and I like this type of outfit the most. Yes, I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.”