The Medical Innovations

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Now a day’s plastic surgery is becoming more popular among many celebrities and others. Though people have their myths about the subject, still it works. Go to to know more about Medical Innovations.

Many of us wonder whether Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery the same things. However, the answer is ‘No’. A plastic surgeon is different from a cosmetic surgeon. To become a certified plastic surgeon you need to complete five years of surgical training certified course. However, cosmetic surgeons are the trained professionals to do cosmetic procedures.

Next thing for which people are more concerned, is to do plastic surgery leave scars? The answer is ‘yes’, every cut the skin, including an incision, always results from a scar on the skin. But skilled plastic surgeons are there who can minimize the appearance of scars. They have very good talent in the field of scar management after surgery.

Another example of our innovative medical advancement is Breast augmentation. It is a one-time event. Artificial Breast implantation is not permanent in nature. Its effect can last around 10 to 15 years. However, the process has some other issues as well. Sometimes due to the aging process, the person with the implants experience breasts droop. So a breast lift can be advisable over Breast implantation.

If you have done any kind of cosmetic surgery, then you need to take extra care. You can’t go out in the sun after surgery. It is significant to limit your sun exposure to avoid permanently darkens of skin and your scars redden. You can also take the help of special sunscreen protective clothing.

Liposuction: Many of us think Liposuction is a great weight loss tool, while the fact is that Liposuction results in removing pockets of fat. The process of fat reduction does not involve any type of exercise or diet control.

It is a smart fat reduction approach but not permanent in nature. Fat can reappear in other areas after liposuction. Fat removed by liposuction will go permanently from the body. However, later the remaining fat may become more excessive to gain noticeable weight in different areas of the body.