Why Health, Safety and Environmental Management should be a Major Business Leadership Goal

by Steve 0

Workplaces are prone to numerous hazards that range from minor to major accidents that cause serious injuries and sometimes permanent disabilities. Therefore, health, safety and environment management is essential for every business in bid to ensure that employees work under safe conditions. It is an integral part of a broad business management system that not only protects employees but also other people like customers, business property and the work environment.

Business experts recommend that employees should be involved in the development and implementation of an effective workplace safety process that should cater for all business aspects including production and quality control. Employees should know how to do their job and maintain workplace safety.

Workplace safety is a responsibility bestowed upon the employer and every business is legally required to fulfill the HSE management requirements as per its nature and extent. For instance, small businesses operating under low risk activities are only required to create a mechanism for addressing workers complaints. On the other hand, large business conducting risky activities must have standard operating procedures, policies and human resources to implement HSE management systems.

Despite the legal requirements, employers are not entirely responsible for workplace safety. Employees are required to adopt safe workplace cultures by following the laid out safety procedures. Businesses spend time and resources crafting effective workplace safety plans and procedures yet unfortunate accidents still occur due to employees’ failure to adhere to the recommended protective practices. Hence, businesses are advised to integrate behavior change communication with workplace safety trainings as a way of enhancing employee compliance to safety protocols.

Health, safety and environmental management, is a fundamental business planning aspect that entails; design, development and delivery of services and products in a safe and secure manner. Therefore, its vision should be crafted by top business managers who understand how to develop enforceable HSE management procedures and policies.