Hep C is not Covered by Health Insurance in USA

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Hep C is not Covered by Health Insurance in USA

As we know Hep C is a serious condition and as a treatment, cheap generic Sofosbuvir treatment is not available for the Hep C patients in the USA. That is the core reason many health insurance has not covering the treatment of the ailment in their list. Though the treatment is there, but it is not available to everyone. It is true that generic Sofosbuvir of low cost is not available in the USA. An amount of  $90,000 to $180,000 is required if you go for the medication of Sovaldi for Hep C treatment.

Order generic Hep C from India:

It has been seen that in reality most of the people are availing the medication from different sources. Importing generic Sofosbuvir from India is a good alternative to the issue. Do not worry about how to import harvoni to Canada. You can now order shipment of generic Hep C meds from India.

Gilead Sciences & Harvoni:

Gilead Sciences is the owner of the drug Harvoni. It is a patented drug and Gilead Sciences has all the exclusivity on producing and selling the drug. India has quite a large market above 1 billion people. You will find 30 million Hepatitis C patients over there. Thinking that, the Indian market could be a great platform for marketing the treatment Gilead Sciences had agreed to allow Indian market to manufacture the drugs. Thus generic Sovaldi as well as generic Harvoni can be sold in Indian market at a very lesser cost.

So the hepatitis patient can find their way to use cheap harvoni medication in Canada. They can import generic harvoni India for their Hep C treatment.

Thus the people in Canada got a chance to be treated with the drugs. Do not take the medicine by your own idea. It is highly advisable to seek the help of a health care practitioner for the proper doses of the medication.