The Tucson Event in The city of Arizona

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The Tucson Event in The city of Arizona

The city of Arizona’s sonaran desert Tucson is having a lot upcoming of events and shows which are taking place. Tucson, Arizona is engulfed with a strong, independent music culture. The best part is the music here is locally grown.

The Music Events & Shows:

The many musical organisation which has made home here seeks to nurture young artists. These young artists will be from the scene of local music generally. These musical organisations also make it a point to introduce the community to outside musical styles other than southern Arizona.

Desert funk music:

Some of the regional musical genres which are very local are Desert funk music also alternatively known as Root music. This was influenced by Sly and the family stone. We have then Desert Rock, Desert Noir, Sonoran Dirty Rock, the native American jazz and of course the Mariachi and the western cowboy.

Arizona opera:

Some of the music organizations are Arizona opera, Mexican institute of sound, Tucson Junior strings, Classical revolution Tucson, Tucson chamber artist, Tucson masterwork chorale etc.

The public choice of music awards are held annually and are known as TAMMIES. This is to recognize local talent of Arizona by highlighting the musical performers who are the best in that year. Tucson weekly magazine sponsors this award and the awards are held in every fall.

The past, present and the future of the Tucson, Arizona music and filmmaking scene is celebrated every year through Tucson film and music festival.

Some local music:

Some of the local musicians and bands which are prominent are Alter Der Ruine, Blynd, Black sun Ensemble, Calexico, Friends of Dean Martinez, UA Presents, Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Tucson Jazz Society,  Desert Bluegrass Association etc.

Whereas the UA Presents is the art presenter of university of Arizona who other than jazz, also features opera, classical and world music, the Tucson Masterworks Chorale is a 100 voice community choir, who performs masterwork with orchestra and are the oldest community choir in Tucson.