An Easy Warning Doorbell Device For You

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An Easy Warning Doorbell Device For You

A Warning Doorbell is a device which is otherwise called as a door chime, is a convenient way for a visitor to alert you that somebody is knocking at your door. This definition is defined as a bell chime, as a door or connected to a door for better security, rung by persons outside intending to come inside to open the door.

Door chimes have distinctive featured chimes for all other door button. The front and back door rings should be different so that you can make a distinction between the doors. By simply pushing a button, a bell or a chime will ring and you will be sure that there is someone either at the front or back door of your home. But what you will do when the button is pushed and it doesn’t ring or chime? This is the time when you really face the problem and you cannot be notified about the activity of the door. So be very attentive while selecting a Warning Doorbell as it is the matter of your security all the way.

Door Chime 120-volt Wiring:

First turn off the power to the junction box which will be supplying power to the transformer for this door chime. It will be good if you can tie on to a junction box with a circuit, and installs the transformer, wire side first, into the knockout opening. Always use wire connectors to hold the wire securely to the electrical panel to the junction box. Make use of the wire strippers to strip the NM wire and the transformer wire ends. Connect both the black wires together with a wire nut. Cover the connection with a box cover system. On the other end of the wire, connect a circuit breaker if required in the panel to complete the installation process.

Door Chime Button Wiring:

For each door you will now have a two-conductor wire. From the inside house wall, drill out through the door trim and insert the wiring out through the hole as it will look good to see from outside. If more of wires and connections are visible it would not look good and there will also be a danger to that connection. Strip the wire sheathing and expose the two wires. Strip each of the wires and install them right on the two terminals on the button. Now, set two screws that will hold the button on the door trim. The wiring installation process is very simple. No such professional technique will be required. Only some common sense will work.